The 2018 wedding season has finally come to an end and what better way to cap it off than with a picture perfect winter wedding at the Millbottom! I’ve been looking forward to Josie and Caleb’s big day all year and it did not disappoint! I knew this was going to be one of […]

We stood in the reception admiring how quickly and beautifully the staff at Old Kinderhook had transformed the room.  Scott pulled Nick’s phone out of his pocket and asked him if he wanted it back now that the ceremony was over. Nick shook his head and said no, everyone he wanted to talk to was […]

Some things are just meant to be. Ali and Connor first dated all the way back in the 9th grade. It was the first relationship either of them had ever had. But, they broke up when Connor moved away. And even though the both moved on, Connor would still talk about Ali often.  Then, three years […]