If you’ve kept up with me for awhile now, you may know of my love of Dunn Brother’s Coffee. I’m not really much of a coffee person, but I LOVE tea. If you ever find yourself in my home, you’ll notice I’m always fully stocked with my favorite tea from Golden Moon Tea Company. I […]

It’s no secret I love to read. This winter weather lately has given me a great excuse to get caught up on all the books I have sitting on the shelf, both in the real world and on my Kindle. I devour books at an unhealthy rate, and while I mostly stick to novels, lately […]

This week’s Favorite Thing is makeup! To say I’m into makeup would be an understatement. I own more palettes, brushes, and powders than anyone could ever use in a lifetime. I have spent an embarrassing amount of time watching YouTube makeup tutorials. I love makeup! But the one item that I have a really hard […]

I have a thing for purses. And not just any purses but really BIG purses. Purses so large you can fit an entire’s weekend’s worth of kids’ snacks, at least six lipsticks, and three years of Target receipts. I’m not exactly sure that you’re supposed to fill your purse with those things, but that’s what […]