Best of 2019

January 1, 2020

Welcome to 2020! Wow, what a year 2019 was for us. Scott and I photographed so many gorgeous weddings, families, and more this past year. We feel so incredibly grateful for all the amazing people we’ve met along the way and all the places we had a chance to visit! It was impossible to pick just the top 19 of 19, so in honor of 2020, I’ve put together my favorite 40 photos from 2019.  This is always my favorite post to do, and I hope you enjoy looking back on 2019 as much as I have.  As you may have noticed, things have been a little quieter around here lately. Scott and I have decided to spend 2020 less rushed and we’ve scaled way back on the amount of projects we are taking on for this upcoming year. To be honest, 2019 was kind of brutal for us. Between all our photography work, our 9-5 jobs, raising 3 kids, and the ups and downs of life, we had to take a hard look at where our priorities were and make some cuts. We’ve decided joy, peace, and family are at the top of our list this year. But don’t worry, we’re still here because photography is one of the things that brings us the most joy! And we already have a few amazing weddings coming up that we cannot wait to share with you!

Here’s to the best year yet!