A Pippa Update

March 18, 2019

I’ve been meaning to write an update post about our new dog, Pippa, for a few days now, but we’ve unexpectedly had our hands full.  Almost two weeks ago, our oldest cat, Fat, was diagnosed with Diabetes. This was pretty shocking for us as we hadn’t realized cats were even capable of developing Diabetes. And poor Fat (yes, the irony of having a Diabetic cat named Fat has not been lost on us),  has been very, very ill.  So we’ve been learning to administer insulin and monitor his blood glucose. We’ve also completely changed not only his diet, but the diets for all the cats as we were afraid they might all be headed down the same path. Needless to say, it’s taken quite a bit of extra time out of our schedules that we hadn’t expected.  Add in a new dog who is still settling in, three kids, and Scott and I preparing for the start of wedding season and well, you get the idea.

Pippa has been with us for just over a month now and we can tell you, no matter how prepared we thought we were for a dog, we were not! This is the first dog we’ve had in our home. It’s been a learning process and we’re so lucky we have such a sweet, lovable dog to do it with.  We let Pippa have free roam of the house while we’re at work during the day, which so far has gone very well- except for the trash can.  She left it alone for the first couple of weeks, but then after coming home two days in a row to a very guilty dog and a very messy house, we smartened up and bought a locking trash can which is something we never would have ever even considered needing.

She’s also gotten much better on a leash. She still has some issues on her walks, but Scott has been working with her a lot and it’s become a lot more enjoyable for both of them. He’s not getting yanked around nearly as much as he used to when he first took her out. Our cats seem to have started to accept Pippa as well, except for Rue, who for some reason refuses to play nice with his new canine sibling.  Interestingly, Pippa seems more afraid of the cats than they are of her even though we’re pretty sure she could eat them if she really wanted to.  We are so happy with our choice to adopt Pippa and we can’t wait to see what’s to come for her as we get to know her more!


  1. Betsy Casteel

    March 18th, 2019 at 7:15 pm

    I adore that goofy mutt!

  2. Roxann

    March 18th, 2019 at 9:13 pm

    Love to hear success stories👍 Thank you for giving Pippa a loving home.