Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

January 16, 2019

This week’s Favorite Thing is makeup! To say I’m into makeup would be an understatement. I own more palettes, brushes, and powders than anyone could ever use in a lifetime. I have spent an embarrassing amount of time watching YouTube makeup tutorials. I love makeup! But the one item that I have a really hard time finding is a good lipstick. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like finding the perfect lipstick color is super hard. I’m not really a red lips kind of girl, I don’t like super dark shades… or light shades. I’m picky. But, about 4 years ago I found the PERFECT lipstick and now it’s essentially the only one I ever wear.

Every time I decide I’m ready for a change and try a new lipstick, I always find myself coming back to Urban Decay’s Vice lipstick in the shade Menace. I know what you’re thinking, who is in charge of these shade names. I have no idea, but what I do know is this is my favorite lip color in the entire world! I love, love, love (did I mention love?) the bright bold pink color! And it’s a long wear matte which is perfect for me because I hate reapplying lipstick throughout the day. Usually when I wear this, I reapply once in an 8-10 hour day.

I am so into this lipstick I buy at least 2 tubes at a time because I’m always afraid it will be discontinued and I’ll never find it again. Somehow this color doesn’t look weird against my super fair skin, which I feel like is often a problem for me with really bold colors.  For some reason, wearing lipstick always makes me feel way more put together than I actually am in real life. I included the link above in case you want to check it out for yourself. Full disclosure, no, Urban Decay doesn’t give me any incentive if you buy their stuff (I’m sure they are not concerned at all about what a wedding photographer in the Midwest thinks about their lipsticks), I just really love this makeup!