HOF Side Piece Bag

January 9, 2019

I have a thing for purses. And not just any purses but really BIG purses. Purses so large you can fit an entire’s weekend’s worth of kids’ snacks, at least six lipsticks, and three years of Target receipts. I’m not exactly sure that you’re supposed to fill your purse with those things, but that’s what always ends up in mine.  I lie to myself every time I get a new giant purse and say this time, it’ll be different. I’ll only fill my bag with essentials. There won’t be a 2 inch layer of crumbs and paper bits and whatever the hell else finds it’s way into the bottom of my bags. I tell myself I need several square feet of bag space for, you know, stuff.  I can never come up with a list of important stuff long enough to fill these purses, but that doesn’t stop me from imagining myself carefully curating a bag filled with all the essentials a busy working mom might need. I’ll be totally prepared for any situation.

But the reality is, giant purses are not only super gross with their mystery layer of crumbs from foods I don’t recall ever putting in my purse, but really impractical. It encourages me to collect so much random junk and carry it around with me- my giant treasure trove of broken Hot Wheels and leaking lip glosses and spare Kleenex…so much Kleenex.  So, I’ve been on a mission to change my ways. To break out of my giant purse comfort zone and downsize. But, usually I hate tiny purses. I don’t like they way they look, I hate the way they look when I carry them. I’m a purse snob, I can admit it.

Cue The House of Flynn’s Side Piece bag. This was the bag I didn’t know I needed but now I can’t live without. If you’re not familiar with The House of Flynn, they’re a company most known mostly among photographers for their super trendy (and cute!) camera bags.  Basically, I love everything The House of Flynn. And this purse was no exception! I love that it can be worn cross body which is super convenient when I’m out running errands and I don’t have to worry about accidentally sitting it down and forgetting it. It’s also super small, but in the best way possible. Big enough to carry a wallet, keys, a few other essentials and not much else. Perfect for stopping my inner junk hoarder. Also, it just looks super cool and I feel 100% more stylish with it!

I love this bag so much, it’s inspired an entirely new blog category, Favorite Things.  I’ll be posting things I love, things that make me smile, or things I just think are super awesome because who doesn’t love fun things?